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We make sure that we analyse your competitors industry to give you the best possible return. By working together we can take your ideas and turn them into reality.

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Launch of our new website

Every successful business will inevitably reach a point where they need to redesign their website. After 2 years of helping others, employing more staff and moving into larger office space GUD ideas needed a new website design and here it is.


From helping local businesses to national companies

Without much effort at all we started to get lots of recommendations from friends. These local recommendations became long term clients and guess what ? They recommended their friends, colleagues and other businesses. So in the space of a year, we have blossomed into a company that serving both local and national businesses.


The beginning of a GUD idea

Many businesses were victims of poor SEO by many national companies that didn’t keep inline with Google’s algorithm changes. Businesses that were dependent on being seen on google were going out of business. Both ‘Anthony’ and ‘Ruhin’ could see this happening to some of their friends too.

So it started by helping friends and family getting back on track with their businesses. In some instances building a new website and for others just stripping back all of the black hat SEO that got their friends into trouble.

After helping more than 20 friends and family members, it become apparent that the there was a gap for a quality online marketing company. GUD ideas was officially formed in June 2012


How We Started

Anthony and Ruhin knew of each other way back when they briefly worked together on one of Anthony’s sites. In February 2011 Google rolled out a new algorithm change that affected many businesses, after seeing the negative effect the algorithm change had on many businesses ‘Anthony’ and Ruhin came up with a Very GUD idea to help businesses get back to where they needed to be.

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