8 reasons why it is important to have a good looking website

February 18, 2014
Ruhin Khan

Within the last few months we have had several small businesses approaching us looking to rebrand their website. 80% of those re-branded websites have been because the company owner had built the website or, they had got a friend to build it.

What has really surprised us with these websites was the sheer amount of traffic the websites received. We have seen some companies achieve over a 300% increase in traffic to the site, just by simply designing a website for their target audience.

See below, 8 points as to why it is crucial that your website appeals to the target audience.


1. First Impression Counts

It’s true what they say, first impressions do count. When someone lands on your website you have only a few seconds to impress them and draw them in. This is why it is important to make sure the top half of your website has great call to actions and looks visibly appealing.

2. Builds strong brand

Instantly, a good looking website can portray that you offer quality services to your customers. Having a wow website and keeping your customers happy builds a great reputation.

checkout13. Draws in more customers

You are less likely to lose customers by having a site which appeals to your target audience. Having a site which is designed for your audience will reduce the bounce rate, allowing for more conversions.

4. Customers feel secure

If your site looks as though you made it yourself, customers are likely to think that it is not a secure site. This can really damage e-commerce sites because customers may not purchase an item, due to having a hesitation to share their personal details on the site.

5. Reduces losing work to competitors

It is amazing how many small business now try to make their own website. This can provide great savings to a company, however it can cost you customers. A competitor with a professionally designed, aesthetic website will have a better online presence as they can let their website do the talking. This means that they are less likely to rely on word of mouth.

6. Improve credibility


Simply having a good looking website can say to a customer “we will look after you”. Designing a website which shows off your services gives the reassurance to a customer that you are able to handle their business.

7. Growth

Growing a company can be hard; having a website that can compete nationally and globally is going to give you a great foundation to market your site to the wider audience.

8. Media Interest

We have built websites which have had great interest from both people and companies. If you have a strong brand image, customers are likely to be proud to share that brand image. The more people that share the site, the bigger your audience, which can instantly attract industry experts to your website.

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