3-5 common SEO mistakes explained by Matt Cutts

January 22, 2014
Anthony Johnson

When ‘Matt Cutts’ the head of the google web spam talks it’s important you listen. He’s the man at the top that is the voice of what google is doing next and where they are moving the goal posts to.

His videos are very informative, however, as a keen SEO expert myself, his videos just reinforce what I already generally already know. If you’re new to SEO or you have a website on google that isn’t ranking very well then these 3-5 common SEO mistakes will probably be very useful to you. If you are paying someone to do your SEO for you and these 3-5 pointers aren’t being applied, then I suggest you sack your company off and give us a call at GUD ideas: 01908 683652.

I’m not going to re-write what is said in the video like many black hat SEO specialists might do. That’s the whole idea of people doing videos now these days, so you don’t have to read.

An Example of basic SEO Mistakes

Only yesterday I was sitting in a meeting with the owner of our building talking about his current website and SEO. He’s using a local company for Web design and SEO in MIlton Keynes, however his site isn’t ranking well and to be frank it doesn’t look visually good either. Now i’m not one for slandering, but I was doing a basic analysis of his site and I found 4 out of the 5 common mistakes explained in ‘Matt Cutts’ video.

So I let ‘Matt Cutts’ do the talking, that way I can’t be told off for slandering and he can make an educated decision himself – based on what ‘Matt Cutts’ the head of google web spam says.

Theres a lot more to getting your site to the first page of google than the 3-5 points explained in the video, but these are your bread butters. It’s like building a car. You get the engine prepared first and then you build around the engine. I’m not a mechanic but at a guess you would then deal with the gear box, clutch and so on. Hopefully you get my point.

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