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Online Marketing the right way

Unfortunately the days of putting an advert in a newspaper or a business directory and generating sales from it have virtually diminished. GUD ideas is all about online marketing that gets you results.

Most people use google if they want to find something. Be it a service, product or just information. In the year 2000 there was an average of 60,000,000 searches performed a day on google. In 2012, google recorded 5,134,000,000 average daily searches. This is an astronomical increase and explains why advertising on paper doesn’t deliver the same amount of sales as it did back in 2000.

At GUD ideas we will listen to your requirements and then optimise your website to appear in the right places to generate you more enquires. Depending on your business will determine what strategy is required to get you the most for your money. Many companies will sell you SEO and they may well get you on the first page of google. But is it for the right search terms ?

We are using Gud ideas for our new website ‘Medical Claim Team’. I have worked with ‘Anthony’ for over 5 years now and he’s helped our business considerably with many projects. I’m amazed with his and Ruhin’s energy to deliver on time consistently, even with short notice.
Navdip Gill, Partner & Solicitor for Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors