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Cost Effective Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay Per Clicks can be a mine field and very costly if it’s not managed properly. Most people make the mistake of not being specific about their search queries and end up appearing for search terms that have little or no relevance.

Google now offer extra support from their AdWords team, however, do they have your interests at heart. Lets put it this way: Google are offering credit cards for AdWords, so you can increase your budget.

At Gud ideas we will work to your budget, getting you the maximum amount of relevant clicks.

A few years ago I tried pay per clicks on google and unfortunately I paid the price with a £600 bill in one month. As a small business I couldn’t afford this with no return. It turned out was on a broad match and basically wasting money on non relevant search terms. Gud Ideas have helped me understand how it PPC works a bit more and I also understand where my monthly spend is going.
I now spend just £70 a month and for that I get over 150 clicks to my site. I can tell its working as i’m getting more enquiries for the targeted areas.
Steve Close, Next Level Driving