Why did myspace fail ? Is Facebook next ?

January 01, 2014
Anthony Johnson

Back in the day Myspace was the leading social media power.

It’s main audience was youngster’s from 12 years upwards. The whole concept behind MySpace was to have a place where you could mingle with your friends and share your favourite music. Music is a great way of expressing how you feel and who you are as a person and this was one of the beauties about Myspace.

So why did Myspace fail ?

It was doing fine until Facebook came along, however, Facebook offered much more and was more user friendly. To your right is ‘Tom Anderson’ the co-founder of Myspace and basically the face of Myspace too. Sorry about the pixilated picture, I couldn’t find any good ones of him on google.

Myspace Vs Facebook:

1. If you wanted to change the look and feel of your Myspace profile you needed some html knowledge. So you would see many mangled profiles, where someone had uploaded an image that was too large etc.

2. When you landed on someone’s Myspace page their chosen music would automatically start blasting away. It was a nice idea, until artists starting leaving Myspace.

3. There was no initial news field at the beginning of Myspace and when ‘Tommo’ from Myspace did cotton on to the news feed idea, Facebook had spread like the plague. The ‘Like’ button on Facebook was a cool way of users quickly showing their appreciation without having to comment. Twitter have re-tweets or favourites, however, Myspace gave you the opportunity to comment. Unless you know that person well, for some people commenting was risky.

4. Facebook keeps evolving and adapting to makes things more user friendly, Myspace seemed to only make changes when it was too late.

5. Even Facebook has been guilty of allowing more and more paid adverts to appear, however, Myspace just had no quality control. On the right side bar you could see adverts like ‘meet new people in your area’ or “Looking for a Girlfriend? View Pics HERE!”

6. In 2006 Myspace was also investigated as there were concerns that it was exposing minors to pornography, which coincides a little with point 5 above.

7. Things like instant messaging on Myspace became apparent when Facebook kept evolving this, making it easier, user friendly and more reliable. You would frequently see pop ups appearing on Myspace riddled with spam.

8. Myspace visually appeared very busy, where as Facebook went for a simplified look, again making it more user friendly and easier to navigate and find things.

9. Facebook invited everyone from all walks of life to join. Facebook also invited developers to introduce their apps, Myspace didn’t for a long time. Games like Farmville kept many losers entertained for hours.

10. With all of the 9 points above Myspace was no longer the place for budding musicians to upload their latest songs. Instead it’s become a site for Emos that don’t leave the house.

The bottom Line

Between 2006 and 2008 we saw the transition of social networking powers. Myspace was bought out by an old head ‘Rupert Murdoch’ and Facebook was being driven by youth with innovative and fresh ideas.

Did Rupert Murdoch buy Myspace to take it to the next level or just make profit, I would say the later as it took Myspace too long to adjust with times.

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