The Client’s Brief

Although Nana’s Deli was an established caterer in Oxford, they only had a simple one-page website with a basic logo. Both their website and logo had been created quickly many years ago through an online template with no expert help.

Nana’s Deli wanted to recreate their branding and modernise their website. They wanted a bespoke eye-catching logo that they could call theirs and a more complex, detailed site, so potential customers had more of a luxurious first impression to represent their high-quality catering services.

Nana's Deli

About the Nana’s Deli Project

Our expert branding and development team initially spent time researching into the catering industry, so they could pitch relevant ideas and create the most effective logo to represent Nana’s Deli.

Since having a new logo and website, Nana’s Deli has seen a huge increase in enquiries and are attracting more business than ever. The new website and logo assisted in increasing brand awareness, making them appear a more trustworthy company through high-quality designs.

Bespoke Website

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Bespoke Branding

Nana’s Deli is a luxury catering company, so they want to keep their branding crisp and simple to convey their prestigious services. Our branding team came up with several unique ideas; then the company chose their favourite.

  • Bespoke Logo Design
  • Industry Standard Software
  • Increased Brand Awareness
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Services We Provided

Providing the highest quality of services is a company ethos that we pride ourselves on meaning that we can guarantee an increase in traffic and sales to your business.

Feedback From Client

"My initial website was extremely basic, I quickly made it using an online template just so I had a website to show potential clients. The fact that the team at Gud Ideas were able to create such a amazing website and logo from my very vague starting point was impressive. They really are the best in the business, I would recommend their services to any business!"