You now have an awesome logo and an even stronger brand image. But now the question is, how can you use these to benefit your business.
“Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company”, says American graphic designer Saul Bass. If you have a fantastic logo, which really links to what your business offers, you will want to use it effectively in places that will actually benefit you.

Different Places To Use Your Logo

Below is just some ideas about places you can use your logo, and in turn promote your brand.



Maybe the most obvious of all, using your website to display your logo. Every time someone navigates to your site, it will likely be one of the first things they see, especially if they’re coming from a search engine as the logo allows them to recognise what company’s site they’re on quickly. It is important to consider factors such as positioning and size as these can influence the impact your logo has on a user, so it is always worth playing around with the styling.
Nanas Deli Website

Social Media

With the digital world ever expanding, the time people spend using social platforms is also increasing. Therefore, by using your logo as your companies profile image on channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, a very high amount of people will be exposed to your logo, even if it is only for a very minimal amount of time. Furthermore, when running campaigns, it is important to include your logo in the content as this allows users to recognise exactly whos ad they are looking at.


Even though it may seem somewhat obvious to include your logo in your company email signatures, it is surprising to see how many businesses don’t do it, let alone even have an email signature. It is a great way for prospective customers/clients to develop an immediate sense of trust because you will be seen as more professional and they know exactly who is contacting them (this, coupled with further contact information will significantly increase the chance of a conversion).
Email Signature

Company Presentations

Whenever you create a powerpoint presentation for a client, promoting what you can do as a company for them, it is important to use your logo throughout. Paired with your company colours, you can create a theme that is applied to every slide that uses both of these elements. This will this make you look more professional in the eyes of the customer, and they are constantly reminded who is presenting to them, as your logo is shown on every slide.



Particularly useful at large events and expo’s, using roll-up banners are an excellent way to make people notice your brand quickly. Make sure that you make your logo big enough to see at a distance, as well as fonts and colours that are legible and easy to read as someone walks by.

Business Cards

Business cards should be one of the first branding materials you consider. This is because it allows you to easily and cheaply display your logo, tagline and contact details in a compact and physical format. Make sure that your cards are designed well and that they look professional as this can determine whether someone just disposes of your business cards, or decides to contact you as they have a positive image of your brand.
Gud Ideas Business Cards


Not only are posters a great way to convey your creativity as a brand, but they also enable you to effectively promote your business and products/service in a variety of different places. Make sure to include your logo so that it is easily visible and so that whoever is looking at the poster can easily see what brand is offering what product/service.


Get a large decal printed with your logo on it for your office as well as for you and your employee’s vehicles (if they agree of course). Not only does this offer free advertising as you whizz around town, having your branding present in your workplace will create a more bespoke and comfortable work environment, increasing employee productivity!

Employee Products

Giving your employees branded products such as phone cases and wallets is a great way to market yourself to their personal social groups. This is because they will be using these items in their day to day lives and their friends are likely also to see them and gain a further awareness of your brand.
Gud Ideas iPhone Case

Mailing Material

When sending out mail or newsletters, always make sure to brand your documents so that the reader knows exactly who is contacting them without having to navigate to the end of the text. Think of it as the offline version of email signatures, so make sure to include further contact information, so that the reader can pursue your brand.


Staff uniform and apparel is a great way to use your logo to promote your brand. Not only does it allow customers to recognise members of staff easily, but it also means that the public is exposed to your brand if an employee simply walks past them. Even if this exposure is minimal, some are always better than none.
Gud Ideas T-shirt

Business Forms

Similar to Mailing Material, always make sure to use your logo boldly and clearly on all business documents, such as invoices and quote forms. It is useful as a company logo is generally something that is first seen by someone when opening physical letters.

Training Packs

Whether they are used internally or externally, training packs are always a great place to display your brand through your logo. When used internally, it gives your employees a sense of confidence as they know that the business knows what their stuff and what they are learning is relevant to their job role. On the other hand, when used externally by other companies and people, they are made aware of your brand because whilst they are learning, they are constantly reminded of you through your logo.


Everyone loves free stuff. Regardless of the product, if you offer someone something free of charge, they will take it and use it in any way they can. You can print your logo on just about anything – Mugs, bottles, pens, erasers, hats, t-shirts, drawstring bags, stress balls. Plus, ordering more equals paying less, and having more products equals more brand exposure as a larger amount of people are using your freebies in their day to day life.
Pencils and Erasers

Use Your Logo Anywhere and Everywhere

Using your logo in many different places is a great way to create brand awareness amongst the public easily. Anywhere you can think to put your branding is likely going to have a positive impact on your company, so make sure to put it everywhere you can!