In the ever-developing digital world, choosing the correct font is becoming more and more important. Simply having a well-chosen font can define your brand image, and potentially influence customers to pursue your business. From sans-serif to serif to script fonts, there is certainly an incomprehensible amount of typefaces for you to choose from, ranging from completely free up to thousands of pounds.

Free Fonts Available Online

Below is a list of some of our favourite fonts that are available for free online. Sans-serif, serif, and script fonts are all included.


Metropolis is a beautifully crafted geometric typeface, taking inspiration from other popular sans-serif fonts. Designed for easy reading at small sizes whilst stunning at large sizes. Free for both personal and commercial use.
Metropolis Font

Now Alt Typeface

A beautiful geometric font with sharp edges and clean lines for bold headings, bound to catch anyone’s eye. Available in 6 weights and free to download.
Now Alt Font


Poppins is a beautiful, fully free sans-serif font, which is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly easy to read. Due to it being available on Google Fonts it is incredibly easy to embed on the web and is free for both personal and commercial use.
Poppins Font


This typeface was inspired 1940’s aircraft models. This font is all-caps, initially designed for an experimental project of air models. Designer Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira has made this font completely free for personal use.
Ailerons Font

Slim Joe and Big John

Another all-caps typeface, Slim Joe and Big John are an extremely attractive font pairing. They work particularly well as heading fonts due to the impact it has on any page. Free for both personal and commercial use.
Slim Joe and Big John Fonts


Jaapokki is a commercially free font with 2 alternative character sets and a large number of glyphs as well as a lowercase character set. This font works extremely well as a heading font but if used correctly could be used as a body font. Free for both personal and commercial use.
Jaapokki Font


Axis is a sans-serif typeface, taking inspiration from the modernised urban landscape. Coming in only one weight, this font is best suited for bold headings. Free for both personal and commercial use.
Axis Font


This all-caps typeface draws some inspiration from the art-deco period, giving it a very geometric and balanced appearance. Best suited for bold headings and logos. Available for free for commercial use.
Facile Font


Nevis is a strong, angular font face, which works extremely well as a heading font. It is powerful and bold but retains a friendly tone, and looks extremely good when used in all-caps. Free for both personal and commercial use.
Nevis Font

Finches Serif Italic

This font is built on an alphabet of beautifully constructed letters. Its slanted features give it a unique feeling and add to its sheer elegance. Perfect for all types of branding and is free for both personal and commercial use.
Finches Font

Pier Sans

Pier Sans is a modern and geometric sans-serif typeface, which is certain to benefit you in a variety of different projects. This font is free for personal use.
Pier Sans Font


Raleway is a popular font which is used widely on all different types of websites. Due to its distinctive crossed ‘w’, it is very easily identifiable, but this does not take away from its effectiveness. Free for both personal and commercial use on Google Fonts.
Raleway Font

Charlevoix Pro

Charlevoix Pro is a strong, elegant font that takes inspiration from the Quebec region’s picturesque landscape. It has slightly rounded corners, giving reference to times when letters were never truly sharp at the edges. This font has 8 weights and is free for personal use.
Charlevoix Pro Font

Fuji Sans

Fuji Sans is a stunning sans-serif font, which boldly stands out from other fonts. Through it’s slightly condensed features, it is truly a perfect fit for all designs and brands. Free for personal use.
Fuji Sans Font

Brux Bold Brush

Brux Brush font is a modern, stylish brush font, guaranteed to give any project a lot of personality. This typeface is certainly bold and full of life! Free to download.
Brux Brush Font


Stellar font has been beautifully crafted to provide personality and legibility through it’s extended x-height. An all-around beautiful font, especially effective when used for bold headings. This font comes with 4 weights and is free for personal use.
Stellar Font


Somatic is a modern typeface with two different variations; rounded and modular. Its geometric feel makes it perfect for bold but friendly headings. Free for personal use.
Somatic Font

Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a popular and traditional serif font that works very well for titling and headlines due to its elegant design and enlarged x-height and shortened descenders. This font is free for both personal and commercial use on Google Fonts.
Playfair Display Font


Cabin is a minimal sans serif font with 4 different weights and true italics. Inspired by Edward Johnston’s and Eric Gill’s typefaces, this font adds a touch of modernism to any project with its geometric tendencies and rounded characters. This font is free for commercial use on Google Fonts.
Cabin Font

The Woodlands

The Woodlands is a free brush script typeface with modern calligraphy elements that are hugely popular and pleasing to the eye. This font is free for both personal and commercial use.
The Woodlands Font

Ginóra Sans

Ginóra Sans is a stunning, geometric font with some letters being made from complete circles. This creates a very clean and modern typeface, perfect for small text and large headings. Free for both personal and commercial use.
Ginóra Sans Font

King Basil

King Basil is a perfect script font by designer Missy Meyer. With connecting letters, this font will add character to any project and is free for personal and commercial use!
King Basil Font


I really like the fun, but at the same time, nostalgic feel that Pacifico has. Inspired by the 1950’s American Surf Culture this font is an excellent choice for those quirky situations that require an original and fun font. Free for commercial use on Google Fonts.
Pacifico Font


Designed specifically for wide-spacing, Abyssopelagic is especially effective for bold, and compelling headings that need to grab the users attention. This font is very pleasing to look at, and with the addition of unique lettering (such as the ‘A’ not having a middle line), it does make for a brilliant typeface. Free for both personal and commercial use.
Abyssopelagic Font


Noelan is a modern calligraphic typeface which automatically connects its swashes to keep to its clean and modern design. Noelan includes a variety of alternates for easy mixing & matching which also adds to it versatility as a font. Free for both personal and commercial use.
Noelan Font