It’s the time of year way you may think your team is becoming a bit sluggish and their motivation starts to decrease. You want to keep them as motivated as possible, so their workloads are not affected, and all objectives are met before the New Year. Some companies may give their employees some time off during the Christmas period, so it’s more crucial than ever to keep them motivated and on task to achieve their personal goals as well as your business. Here were going to discuss our top tips for motivating your team.

Top tips for motivating your team in the run-up to Christmas

Here are our top ten tips for motivating your team and ensuring they are productive throughout the Christmas period. There are a few things you should consider to make both your life and your employees more comfortable and less stressful.

Set manageable objectives

You want to maintain productivity throughout the festive period as much as possible, so ensure targets are challenging but achievable. You might want to potentially offer people incentives to encourage the team to stay focused.

Plan in advance

Try to prevent any panic deadlines; you want to eliminate any form of pressure throughout the Christmas peroiod. This could cause bad moods and a demotivated team. You may also find that by trying to cram everything into a short period of time, you create risk for your business. Work is not being done to the usual standard and client work is rushed. The last thing you want is to lose any of your clients over the Christmas period. We recommend that you plan your month, ensure all your client work is on your calendar with spare time for any amendments.

This is also the month your employees are less inclined to stay late after work. So you may want to encourage them to take their work home, or have the afternoon to work at home where they do not have the distractions of the office. If you plan as far in advance as possible, it will allow you delegate task efficiently and help other team members who may have a more substantial workload.

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Flexible working

You may want to consider flexible working, allow employees to start earlier in the day. Allowing your team to alter their start or leave times will enable them to factor in their personal obligations. Allowing your employee to leave earlier to visit the Christmas markets or go shopping because they started early will really incentivise them to get their work done.


You want to keep your staff as motivated as possible, so you need to keep them optimistic about the business’s future. This is a good time of year to outline their individual needs and requirements for the New Year, including their professional development. This will help the team to want to work with you in the long run. Long-term your employees will value the opportunities you provide them to develop. Outline training courses or any support they need to be able to achieve these goals and development objectives.

Lead by example

If you want your team to work hard and put the effort in during the Christmas period, then you must lead by example. You can not be taking time off to go Christmas shopping nor leaving early to attend the pub with your friends if your colleagues and team are exposed to this behaviour they are more likely to be a little lacklustre of the Christmas period.

We also think an essential part of being a team manager is to inquire about your teams Christmas plans this way you can get them a little excited. A supportive approach goes a long way, and people appreciate it when you care.

Thank you

One of the most important things to say is thank you, tell your team how thankful you are that they have worked hard and continued this ethos through the Christmas period. Employees appreciate a small thank you; they feel recognised for the hard work they have put in. A handwritten personalised note recognised their personal contribution is always a boost for motivation and morale. You can also send peronsalise electronic greeting cards by

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Christmas off

Motivate your team to keep extremely motivated on the run-up to Christmas, encourage them to finish all tasks. By allowing the team to take Christmas off, it offers them relaxation and reflection time enabling them to come back in the New Year with a fresh head and the willingness to push on during the next coming months.

Boost morale

Everyone loves to get into the Christmas spirit as soon as December comes around. Try not to let those eager beavers decorate the office at least until the second week in December.

Christmas jumper day

Encourage the team to all turn up to work in the Christmas jumper. It’s a small but efficient way to get everyone in the spirit. Create competitions to see who comes in, in the best Christmas jumper.

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Give back

The Christmas period is all about giving so why not get your team involved in charity work over Christmas? There are a couple of different ways you can do this in the office:

  • Collect goods for food banks
  • Donate gifts to children charities
  • Or have an office carol singing session to raise money


Motivating your team does not always have to be about money incentives (while this would still be nice), most employees appreciate the small gestures over the Christmas period. Business is still the critical priority any time of year, so it’s about how you manage your employees. Keep their morale boosted with small events during the lead up to Christmas. By providing your team with manageable targets and goals for the month, they will be more inclined to work hard and try their best to achieve them.

Keeping your team as optimistic as possible is best for your team. Discuss their personal development plans and get them excited for what’s to come in the New Year. Additionally, we can not stress enough the importance of planning ahead; this will take a lot of pressure off your team and make them feel as though their workload is more manageable. The last thing you need is the work taking a nosedive in quality because employees are cramming in work.

Create small events in the workplace to create a buzz and ensure everyone is included. Christmas is a special time of year so try and make it as fun as possible without interrupting their work. Here at Gud Ideas we encourage secret santa and provide our staff with festive food. Our SEO marketing team have their own deadlines and we discuss how they can manage them.