When setting up a website, there is a whole host of important aspects that need to be both considered and then implemented before it can finally go live. The primary purpose of a website is to represent a business’s products or services, and in many cases, it is a used to base a first impression, which means it is crucial that it is done well. One of the main aspects that contribute to a fully functioning website is web hosting, but how can we know what hosting is best suited to our business and how to find affordable web hosting services?

Affordable Web Hosting Services

For a website to be live on the internet, all of the site’s information needs to be stored on a server; this is where hosting comes into place. When you finally decide on both the best package for your requirements and a suitable hosting provider, all website data will be stored on their server, and your site can then be seen on the internet. This means that if someone was to type in, for example, one of your services, your company name or your domain, their device will connect to the server and your website will appear in their searches.

There are more than one different types of hosting services and the one in which you choose very much depends on the kind of business you own. Here we discuss the types of hosting services available and the advantages and disadvantages that come alongside each.

HTML Hosting

HTML hosting services are the most simple type of hosting and is mainly used for websites that do not need to have content regularly updated or changed. The web pages are fixed content and can only be changed through complex HTML coding. The main benefit of HTML hosting is that it is considerably quicker and cheaper to develop than any other hosting package, making it perfect for small start-up businesses merely looking to showcase their products or services online. Due to the website being fixed content, when you do want to update, if you are not knowledgeable about HTML coding, even small website changes will need professional help. This means you could see yourself having to continuously pay out extra fees to enlist the help of a developer to make any necessary changes.

HTML Coding

CMS Hosting

CMS stands for Content Management System and essentially means that you have the ability to make changes to your website whenever you want to without the need for paying out for professional help. Opting for CMS hosting is an excellent solution if you plan to regularly add new content such as offers and blogs, as well as make simple changes to meet the latest trends. Content can be changed easily without needing to know how to code. It is highly recommended to undergo training before deciding to manage your own website, as changes are not made correctly, it could lead to a whole chain of website errors and issues. CMS websites can be hosted through WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, which means that you will need to keep a lookout for any updates.

E-Commerce Hosting

E-commerce hosting is the ideal platform for those who want to sell their products or services online through their website. Any online store that runs transactions through the internet is known as an e-commerce website. Similarly to CMS hosting, e-commerce allows you to edit your own content, which is essential for online stores who run regular promotions. Online stores are a popular solution for new businesses who are yet to see a significant return.
It takes away the cost of having to pay rent for premises and all of the extra fees that come alongside a physical store, such as hiring staff and paying salaries. There are no specific opening hours for a website, meaning that customer can purchase items or enquire about a service at any point in the day meaning more sales. Along with an e-commerce website, does come to a lot of extra work outside of basic working hours. To keep up a successful online business, all enquiries need to be replied to immediately, and if you are a product based retailer, deliveries need to be efficient and delivered on time.

Online Shopping On A Laptop

CRM Hosting

Organisation is vital when running a successful business, in particular, a larger company. CRM hosting allows you to create what seems as like an online diary, where all information on the calendar can be shared with you, employees and customers. Having the ability to access relevant information at any point puts businesses at a huge advantage for customer service because answers to customers questions can be located within a few clicks. It is great for companies that sell a service, such as a large driving school franchise is able to access driving instructors diary when taking enquiries from potential pupils to see when they have free lesson slots. The only issue with CRM hosting is that you are putting your full trust into an online server, if there are any internal data issues then you could lose a huge chunk of valuable documentation. On the other hand, if the server is down, your businesses may have to be put on pause until issues are fixed.


The great thing about hosting is that you are not limited to just one type of package. There are many different types, both with their own pros and cons, which makes them suitable for various businesses. It is essential to select a hosting package that will benefit your business; the wrong hosting package could lead to many different issues. You want to find a hosting provider who you trust your information safely. It is recommended not to try to host your own website as it will open you up to a higher risk of security problems. Along with safety, self-hosting will also make your site less reliable as if a problem occurs, you have no real way to know how quickly you will be able to resolve the issue.