If you have a website and are looking for solutions to help your business to make more money online, there are five key facts which will significantly contribute to generating an increase in sales. Some tips seem more simple than others, but ticking off just these five points can guarantee an increase in online generated sales and enquiries.

Can They Be Implemented In All Businesses To Make More Money Online?

Whether you have an e-commerce website or a basic broacher website the points below will help your businesses be more successful online. When it comes to the web, all users tend to be the same, using statistics from Google in 2016 proves that users have similar patterns when browsing a website.

1. Is Your Website Up To Scratch?

It may seem like common sense, but one of the most vital things online which a lot of people forgot is their website. We have seen hundreds of businesses who have a shockingly bad website and are spending thousand’s of pounds on marketing, without seeing a return. They always end up blaming their previous marketing company, but when we go in and research the analytics on the website, straight away, we tend to see alarm bells.

So key things to remember for a successful website:

  • Compare your website against other competitors and see if yours stands out.
  • Does your website work well on mobiles and tablets?
  • Make sure you have Google Analytics on your website and see what’s the bounce rate on your site. See where they are dropping off and investigate into why this may be.
  • Ask customer’s for feedback, did they have a positive or negative experience using your website?

Read our article to find out more detail about how to improve the performance of your website.

Man Searching The Internet On A Laptop

2. Be On Page One Of Google

Since mid-2000, people have become aware of the powers of being on page one of Google and how it can generate more business.

Ask yourself, where do you look for a product or service when you’re in need? You would probably say Google right? Well, this makes you no different from other users. We have over hundreds of business who are making over a million pound just by being on top of Google. An interesting statistic, from Google, is that over 80% of users never go past page one. So imagine if your business is not on page one, how many potential customers you are losing? So can you really afford not to be on page one?

Google Homepage On A Tablet

3. Use PPC Campaigns

In some case’s it’s hard to be on page one, you could be a new business, or you don’t have the budget that the big boy’s do. A great way to generate extra enquires is to spend a small chunk of your budget on AdWords. In some cases, AdWords is not as successful for a business as they would have hoped, but for others, it can be a lifesaver! If created right, with good use of negative keywords and a blend of key phrases, you can really take advantage of paid ads. The only thing to remember about AdWords is not a long-term solution, AdWords can generate you sales, but it is always recommended to invest more in organic marketing rather than paid marketing. I always say that you should be spending more on an organic approach than paid campaigns as you will see more than 200% return on organic marketing.

4. Build A Great Social Following

Think of social media as a brand awareness rather than it making direct business sales. Yes, it can help to get you the odd customers, but what you really want social media to do is make people think of your business the next time they need your service.

Social media is an excellent way of planting things in peoples head. Think of it from a phycology point of view, if someone keeps putting a can of coca cola in your face everywhere, next time you need a drink you will probably buy a can of Coke. This kind of advertising has worked since day one, from TV ads to product placements.

If you get your social media engagement and your social media management, you can really increase your business brand awareness. How many of us buy things because our friends or family have them? The power of people creating a demand can work great. To increase your social followers make sure you post regularly and stop with all these promo and competition posts, give your followers interesting posts. Simple posts that you can share is reviewed feedback. Try uploading photos and videos of your work; people love to see what you have done. Share facts and articles that can help people related to your services learn something new.

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5. Share Resources Online

What a lot of businesses online forget about is how the power of “help” and the fact that it can increase your business. We all need help once and a while, so why not share your knowledge or tips with your customers? You are more likely to increase traffic to your website if you give users great things to read. Get a blog going on your website and share with your users what they really want to know.

Sharing blogs and articles are more likely going to build trust, your customers are going to see the effort you are making to share your knowledge. Simple well-read articles that cut all the sales out and just explains what customers want to hear are brilliant for users to stay on the site. Weekly or monthly blogs on your website can easily be incorporated into your SEO campaign.

Can These Really Help My Business?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the above can help your businesses grow. Start off small and gradually implement each of the above steps. Ask yourself why do all the big brands do it? They have to spend thousands and thousands of pounds with companies like us to test the boat, and they have found what keeps its steady. Unfortunately having a really successful business these days means you have to do all the above.

With planning and implementation, you can see excellent results, it doesn’t come overnight, but if you spend a good year doing all the above, you will see some amazing return.