Scrolling through social media and updating ourselves on the going on’s of the world has become part of our everyday routine. It is the go-to activity whenever we have some free time, waiting or just looking for something to do to pass some time. Posting on social media is a task that majority of us know how to do, on your personal profile, there are not many restrictions on the content you post. Whereas, if you are posting on behalf of a business, it is important that you optimise your content to suit the social media platform that you are using. Different material is better suited and will create more engagement on different social networks.

Why Should You Optimise To Suit Different Social Networks?

We know the importance of optimising landing pages and keywords within our website’s content, but many people are unaware of the importance of continuing this rule when it comes to social media. Creating the perfect post takes time, so, of course, you want the time to be worth it through multiple shares, likes and impressions. Posts need to have the perfect balance of imagery, text, call to actions and hashtags, which can sometimes be tricky when you are faced with restrictions such as word counts. To make the process a little easier, here are our top tips on how to optimise your content for the most popular social media platforms through social media management.


Since being introduced in 2004, Facebook has continued to grow and has now reached at least one billion active users making it the usual ‘go-to’ social media platform. Facebook users tend to be skim readers, meaning that they quickly scroll through their news feed until something grabs their attention, so keep posts short and sweet. The recommended character count is 40 characters, which isn’t much but is enough to make an impact. Make a clear goal before creating your post, are you promoting a new product or service? Sharing an article or blog post? Advertising an event? Once your objective has been set, it will make it considerably easier to come up with a catchy piece of text. Involve your audience by asking questions or encouraging them to interact such as, “comment your opinion”, “share your experience” or “tell us what you think”.

Always involve a clear call to action, the endpoint that you want your audience to land on from reading your post. Making your call to action unclear will confuse your audience, any slight disturbance may put people off. Whenever a link is added to your post, try to shorten it to keep the post looking neat, this can be done through Google URL Shortener.

Facebook doesn’t need to be centred around promoting your products, services or pages from your website; there should be a 30/70 balance. Helpful articles with useful tips from others companies that your audience may enjoy would be just as effective, however, refrain from sharing competitors posts.

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Twitter often has a more relaxed, conversational tone. Talk to your audience in the second person, get them involved in your companies products and services. Tweets should be the perfect balance between your business’s goals and the interests of your audience, they need to catch the attention of reader but then encourage them to interact. The main aspect of Twitter is hashtags, so make the most out of the current trending hashtags, their primary purpose is to index tweets and make your posts more visible across the channel. The hashtags you opt to add to your post should be relevant to your industry or the topic of your content. A common issue with hashtags is that when they become too long and complex, they become unreadable so keep them short and clear; you don’t want your audience to have to sit and try to work out what you are trying to say.

A recent feature that has been added to Twitter polls, and they are one of the best ways to get your audience to engage with your post. People are nosey; they want to see what other people have voted.

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Before starting up your Instagram, decide on an ongoing theme you will have. Will all photos have the same filter? A similar colour scheme throughout? Will you use a border or no border?

As we know, the main focus on Instagram is the photos you upload, so they need to be of the highest quality. If you plan to take images of your products or show evidence of a service you provide, it is worth investing into a decent camera, which can take clear, precise photographs. Lighting is key to taking a high-quality photo, so try to work in a well-lit area. If you struggle to schedule in time to take pictures for your social media channels, you may want to take a look at enlisting the help of a professional media production company.

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The primary purpose of LinkedIn is for professionals to make connections with others in the same or a similar industry. Because of this, it is essential to focus on creating a headline that will grab the attention of your audience. Your connections will most likely already know most of the information you share, so how can you make yours sound original and encourage them to read your content?

If you are sharing an article on your website on a particular topic, try to find some interesting facts, informative information or statistics on the subject to draw attention. For example, for this article on social media, you could use a caption like, “Do you know nearly 1.7 billion people have an active social media account”. Give your reader something valuable to take away from your post, make their choice to read your upload worth the time.

LinkedIn is the perfect opportunity to share and promote any events you plan to hold as a company. This can be anything from conferences to marketing events.


Social media can be a considerable contribution to website traffic and if done well, can encourage a vast range of new customers and clients to your business. Ensure that your posting timing is perfect, aim for times that your audience is most active. Many people take time to scroll through social media at around 5-6pm when they have finished their day and are taking time to relax.