With digital marketing constantly evolving, there are now more ways than ever to increase both your brand awareness and traffic to your website, while generating more profit. Growing in popularity are PPC and Adwords campaigns, which at first may seem a complicated concept, but once broken down, can be hugely beneficial to your business.

What Are PPC and Adwords?

Have you ever been on the hunt for a specific product, so looked to Google for help? When you type in the keyword, it’s more than likely that you will see a whole host of ads pop up before the organic search results, these are Google Adwords campaigns. The moment you click on the ad, you will be transferred over to the businesses website, therefore increasing traffic and the likelihood of a conversion. Adwords campaigns do come at a fee, but are pretty simple to set up, and every aspect of your campaign can be tailored to your business. In the simplest way to summarise Adwords, you create an ad that will show every time someone searches your specific keywords and then pay per click (PPC). If you are contemplating whether to invest in a PPC campaign, take a look at the main benefits.

All Aspects Can Be Measured

One of the most significant issues in the past with traditional methods of marketing such as leaflets and newspaper adverts is there was no real way to track or measure how successful your campaigns were. A business owner could hand out 200 leaflets at an event, but had no way of tracking how effective the leaflets were, how could they really know how many people actually continued to take a look at their website based on seeing the leaflet and how many ended up throwing it away?

Thankfully, in the new age of digital marketing, every aspect of your campaign can be measured by click-through rates to conversions. It only takes a few minutes with a couple of clicks on Adwords to find all analytical data regarding your campaign. Here you can identify whether you are getting your money’s worth and if there are any additional improvements you can make to increase the value of your ad.

Woman Taking Notes Analysing Data

Specific Targeting

When setting up a PPC campaign, you are required to specify the geographical location in which you want your service or product to target, along with the specific keywords you want to show for and the time in which your ad is live. It allows you to narrow down your audience to ensure that only people who are likely to create conversions will see your ad. One of the biggest benefits of specific targeting is that you can set your ad to only show at certain times of the day, the times you choose will depend on whether your company is business to business or business to customer. If you specialise in business to business products or services, then it is recommended to set your ad for standard working hours such as 9-5, when other businesses are most active on Google. Whereas, for a business to customer company, it is better to set your times to later on in the day after working hours when customers are likely to have spare time to search for products they are interested in.

Control All Costs

Adwords campaigns require you to set a daily budget, which is a huge advantage because it means you will never overspend. Once you set a day to day budget, it isn’t set in stone; you can increase and decrease whenever you please. Adwords works on a pay per click basis meaning that you only spend part of your budget when someone clicks one of the priority keywords, so you technically are only paying for conversion possibilities.

It is highly recommended, if you have, many campaigns running at once or have a larger budget, that you have a designated member of your team who checks all ads daily. Google runs an Adwords Certification course, which will help your designated campaign manager to learn more about how to make the most out of your money.

Man Using A Calculator Analysing Data

Beat Competitors

As mentioned previously, Adwords allows you to measure every aspect of your campaign; one aspect is your competitors. Although you cannot see how well your competitors are getting on in detail, there is a tool called Auction Insights which allows you to see who else is bidding on your keywords and how many clicks they are receiving on each word.

You can also check your quality score, which gives an insight into how relevant your keyword is to the landing page it is connected to. If you have a low-quality score, it means you may want to consider reworking your landing page and adding the exact keywords that you are bidding for.

Both of these tools are a great way to get one step ahead of your competitors; you can see the keywords they get generating the most clicks from and add this to your list. If your pages have a low-quality score, it highlights one reason as to why customers are clients are choosing your competitors over you.

Immediate Results

As soon as your campaign is live, it will start to show on Google; there will be no waiting time. This is a benefit to new businesses who are aiming to increase brand awareness as you do not have to invest a huge chunk of money at first. Your ad will show on Google while you are working on your SEO campaigns and generating an organic ranking.

Advertise On Different Scales

Having the ability to target areas means that you can start off small and build up a broader geographical scale. It contributes to expanding your business because areas can be targeted on a local, national or even global scale.


Through spending some time browsing through Google Adwords and getting yourself used to the platform, setting up campaigns and managing ads does become considerably easier. Decide on a budget that you plan to stick to for a set period of time and the research into the keywords that will benefit your business the most; we can guarantee that you won’t regret it!